Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow – A Prayerful Outlook By Flo

Dear Readers,
I am thankful you take the time to read, like, comment and share the RDM articles with your networks, hereby enhancing our exchanges.
Often we minimize the gift of a new day or week and perhaps what we should do more of is to celebrate and embrace the endless possibilities that are neatly wrapped therein.

Anyway, here’s my reflection this morning, I hope it encourages you today.
It’s a new week…be grateful, humble and expectant.

  • Today is a gift – be grateful.
  • Yesterday’s gone – be humble.
  • Tomorrow’s coming – be hopeful.

May the new week be:
Filled with achievements (completed ideas) rather than pending ideas.

  • Where your good actions (propelled by your faith) speak louder than words.
  • One that improves the lot and lives of people (near and far).
  • One that has no regrets.
  • One of impact and influence.
  • One filled with personal, daily transformation.
  • One of joy, peace and joy.
  • Different from last week’s.
  • More than you can ever imagine.
  • Blessed.
  • One that is numbered and
  • One that increases wisdom in your heart.
  • One that glorifies God, Amen.