You are not ALONE.

Don’t get isolated into a false belief posture.
Don’t get bent out of shape by the wrong mindset.
You are not ALONE.
There’s Hope, Help and Support available.

The admonition, "
Be of good cheer"
, often sounds hallow or
foreign in the thick of battles and challenges doesn’t it?
But be encouraged today and know that in the midst of life’s toughest struggles, you will feel lonely and abandoned but guess what ? You are not alone.

In the crazy battles & struggles of life, you will feel isolated and alone but you are not alone.

We know that –
The enemy of our souls is prowling hoping to catch us napping…but not today or ever, because we are going to "Be careful—watching, I like to say we are on a "look-out", yes a look out.

The response to attacks is standing firm and trusting the Lord.
And here’s the phrase, that made my day…remembering others who like us are also fighting and going through similar struggles as well. Simply, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Here’s the ”catch’ (if there is one) after a ‘little’ suffering (how little? I can’t say but little), we know who is personally coming to pick us up and set us firmly in place and make us stronger than ever.

So our action & reaction (now) –
A hope-filled smile.
A cracked smile under the pressures because we see the ‘end’ from where we are standing…"To him be all power over all things, forever and ever, Amen.

And you thought you were alone… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Inspired from 1 Peter 5:8-11 Living Bible (TLB)